Requesting support for training

1. Contacting the speakers There are steps as follows.

Institute staff at each institution contact FERCIT through  http://www.fercit.org/index.php   or

Contact: Assoc. Prof. Chanchai Traiwaree E-mail : ctrivaree@yahoo.com, dmu_pcm@hotmail.com

Call 02-354-3981

to request assistance as follows:

1.1 Approach the team of speakers (Institute staff must inform the training objectives/target groups/and the number of training participants to the speaker team)

1.2 Inquire about the schedule (date, time, location to be in accordance with the free day of the speaker team After that, the speaker team will specify the topic of the lecture.)

2.  The institution requesting assistance of NRCT  has the following steps:

2.1 Letter requesting courtesy of NRCT as a co-host And support the cost of training >>  Download

2.2 Schedule >>  Download

2.3 Training Program >>  Download

2.4 Recommendation Form for Consideration of Supporting Human Research Ethics Training >>  Download 

2.5 History and contact information of the lecturer team

***Conditions: Documents item 2 (2.1-2.5) should be sent (in word files) to NECAST545@gmail.com. to check the document before sending the original by mail

3. To support the cost of training from NRCT,  the steps are as follows:

3.1 Remuneration of speakers (According to the Fiscal Regulations.)

3.2 Transportation and accommodation expenses of the lecturer team (In the case of speakers from other provinces)

3.3 Lunch and snacks

***Conditions 1. Participants must not be less than 100 people and support is under consideration by the administrators of NRCT.

              2. Certificate It should be completed and sent to the administrators of NRCT for signature 3 weeks before the training date.

4.  What institutions need to prepare There are steps as follows.

4.1 Places and audiovisual utilities

4.2 Snacks and lunches for training

4.3 Training documents certificate

4.4 Van transfers to the lecturer’s team and NRCT, along with dinner for the lecturer’s team (WHRA staff provides travel information)

4.5 Various important financial documents

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