1. NRCT promotes the establishment of a Regional Research Ethic Committee (RREC) for universities and other
institutions 3. Collaborate with organizations in which NRCT
has signed cooperation agreements with 25 partner institutions (including 83 agencies under institutional partners) and related agencies. Support the operation of “Central Committee on Research Ethics” to consider research that is interdisciplinary and help develop the potential of human research review process to have international standards that are accepted by various agencies
both domestically and internationally “National Policy And Guidelines for Human Research, 2015)” translated into Thai and proceeding to publish both the English version and translated into Thai
5. Prepare tasks such as registration of the Human Research Ethics Committee. meeting of working groups to support the Human Research Act which is currently under consideration by the Council of State and presentation to the Cabinet
. 6. NRCT will register the Institute’s Human Research Ethics Committee on the website. to display status and collect various information related

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