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How does Verbal consent work?

by nrctadmin

verbal consent Similar to consent form (by action), the researcher can ask the EC for permission by specifying justify. There may be the following situations: 1. Collect data from large population groups. Research is low risk When submitting information documents along with the questionnaire If the recipient is willing to take the research answer the questionnaire sent back to the researcher directly Research recipients are a fragile group. There is a risk that if the confidentiality is disclosed it will seriously damage the subject, such as being a drug addict, drug dealer, being a special professional woman, being a prisoner, suffering from a serious disease, social distaste, etc. The researcher will ask. except for the signature of the research subject or the research recipient does not want to sign because it will be evidence or is it an acceptance of one’s own status In these cases, if tracking and welding are required Link the information to the research subjects. Researchers should have volunteers use a pseudonym instead of their real name.

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